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“Revelation 4” – Todd Dulaney’s Latest Single

Written by on March 12, 2021

Todd Dulaney continues his “straight-from-scripture” song trend with “Revelation 4.” Listen to From Glory to Glory, The Overflow, or Night Light to hear the single in coming weekends. You’ll also be able catch “Revelation 4” during the Midday Praise Break, Quiet Time, and Evening Drive!

Cover for Revelation 4 by Todd Dulaney

Read and view more about the single below:

About “Revelation 4”

“New Music from Todd Dulaney is here! ‘Revelation 4’ is a continuation of songs from scripture that Dulaney has shared over the past year. Dulaney is taking words directly from the scripture and creating anthemic songs that are ministering to audiences worldwide. The lyrics point vertically and focuses on the power and greatness of God. The chorus says ‘You will receive glory, honor, power now and forever…'” 

“Revelation 4” Official Music Video

Commitment to Scripture

“Dulaney is passionate about singing the words etched in the [B]ible out into the atmosphere during a time where there is much uncertainty and a need to point the focus back to God. It’s a poignant and needed reminder for the faith based audiences. ‘Revelation 4’ is the first single off of Todd’s forthcoming album.”

Listen to WordNet to hear the single in the coming weeks! Tune in in Charlotte at 88.3 FM or 1540 AM, in Salisbury at 93.3 FM, or in Gastonia via 1420 AM. You can also stream live 24/7, 365 from your WordNet Radio App (available via GooglePlay, Apple, or Amazon) or from here on the website.

New Releases

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